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Care to join me for a ride!?

I tried 43 new features of the ‘all new Scorpio’. Would you care to join me for a ride!?

  • Rajesh Lalwani

    Tata Safari – Lol – none until now. Personal blogging is an experiment, not a commercial venture. This has been a part of the learning and this is the last reply that I will write to this post.

    You mix with ‘image’ with ‘reputation’ and I could have done a piece on that, but now it’s forbidden :) . Venture related stuff… hmmm, I am attempting to be an entrepreneur again, so let’s see.

    You take care.


  • Tata Safari

    You are in the news for wrong reasons, by the way. As a communication professional (do you represent any automaker as your client?) you may say any news is good. But your reputation has taken a beating. Now do some image management by posting some good venture related stuff. Over to you, Lalwani.

  • http://indeverbum.blogspot.com Rajesh Lalwani

    Wow- I seem to be in the news, again!

    Dear Anon, spectator/s, nobody and everybody- I solemnly swear to hereafter, when on VentureWoods, only blog about venture funding (the chances are remote) and about nothing else and when I choose to get humourous, the joke would be on ventures? funding? too – Sigh! Have fun, all.

  • http://www.canaan.com Alok Mittal

    Pink, Given that this thread for posted under Humor, and you seem to be having fun, dont really see a need to “close” this thread.

    I think the point is taken — through a self-regulation mechanism, venturewoods members should seek to stay on venture related posts, even if that is humour.

    Other members might be most constructive when their feedback is making a point rather than slandering,

  • pink floyd

    Somebody got to close this thread.. :) ..

  • nobody

    Wow!! interesting discussion. Should have joined earlier.. Here are my 2 cents ..

    To Rajesh I would say – scorpio is great topic for automobile blog..
    To Anon I would say – Agreed..
    To Djkstra I would say – Agreed..
    To Alok I would say – Save your apple before it’s spoiled.. It would be good hang a banner on this blog so that people are constantly reminded of what’s this place all abt.. Get a catchy slogan..It’s ok for poor folks to loose focus. We all loose focus..
    To spectator I would say – Agreed..

  • Spectator

    Let’s not slander each other. But I think it makes sense to blog on topics that would interest eveybody in the community. Since VW is about startups and ventures, the topics should be related to them. If somebody writes on other things and plan to post it here, it would be chaos. If Lalwani likes Scorpio, somebody would like fish at CR Park in Delhi and if he decides to blog about in VW, how do you plan to stop him?
    Actually I was shocked when I saw the blog on Scorpio test drive. Why Scorpio? Why not Maruti, Tata or any other brand? People would start asking such questions.
    So my opinion is – if you have anything to do with startups and ventures, pls post them here. Everything else in your personal blog.

  • http://www.canaan.com Alok Mittal

    Anon, djkstra — I totally appreciate the community involvement in determining what goes on on venturewoods. However, I do want to keep this platform free of flames and personal remarks. So far I have also allowed for anonymous remarks if they help make a point — am not sure if even you would agree to allowing the same for slandering.

    I can see that the reason you feel concerned is because you like being on venturewoods. So does Rajesh. Pls help maintain venturewoods decorum.

  • http://indeverbum.blogspot.com Rajesh Lalwani

    DJKSTA : I don’t much care for confrontations or attitude and had already removed all my posts, except this one, yesterday itself. You have fun. Take care.


  • djkstra

    shame,shame.. Rajesh,I have to say you got too much of attitude..:) ..
    I read this blog often, and I think Anon got a point.. Though I don’t comment on any of the articles, this particular conversation made me jump-in to help maintain the focus and purpose of this blog..

  • http://indeverbum.blogspot.com Rajesh Lalwani


    Oops – did I offend you? Apologies if I did.

    When I was invited to become a contributor to this blog, I think the owner knew that I am not a venture guy. I am a student of communication and marketing, which I believe is an integral part of every business.

    Didn’t need to share this with you, but had as a matter of fact clarified this with him at some point as I myself was doubtful if I made sense here and was told that I did. Many others seem to like my posts and have told me so, however, I am happy to stop posting – the section on humour and musings would have fewer posts perhaps but that’s ok I think- the other option you have is, simply ignore posts that you don’t like.

    You need to rethink the concept of a ‘community’ though – a community doesn’t constitute clones.


  • Anon


    Are you sure you know what Venturewoods is about?
    All your posts (this and past) are way off the purpose of this community blog.
    Perhaps you should post them at some merketing/adevertising group.


  • Sanjay G


    Any clue as to when is the the new Scorpio being launched in the market?
    I heard it has a 2.2L 140bhp processor.

    Take care
    Sanjay G