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Entrepreneurship: Yogen Dalal of Mayfield Fund and Umang Gupta of Keynote Systems

There is clear a need for good role models and mentors for many first-time and new entrepreneurs in India. This is specially true in the IT and technology space in India.  When it comes to starting companies and making them successful people around the world turn to see how Silicon Valley companies achieved their success. Building a successful company and making a successful exit is not all that easy as any well-known entrepreneurs will tell you. 

I turned to two well-known entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley: Yogen Dalal of Mayfield Fund and Umang Gupta of Keynote Systems to find out about entrepreneurship and what it takes to become successful and how to handle failures. Both, Yogen and Umang are pioneers and great role models for many subsequent Indian-American entrepreneurs in the valley.

Yogen Dalal is a serial entrepreneur and investor and is the co-author of the TCP specification. He co-authored the TCP specification while he was a student at Stanford and working with Vint Cerf. In this interview Yogen talks about success and failure and how to handle failures. 

Umang Gupta wrote the first business plan for Larry Ellison’s company Oracle Corporation. Umang subsequently went to on to co-found Gupta Technologies. Gupta Technologies was the first client-server SQL relational database for PCs. But, after Gupta Technologies went IPO the company took a different route and eventually Umang stepped down from the board in 1997. Listen to what Umang has to say when he transitioned from being the CEO of a private company to a public company and what were the lessons he learnt.  Umang also talks about getting back on the saddle the second time around when he became the head of Keynote Sytems.

You can listen to Yogen Dalal’s interview here.

Umang Gupta Part-1

Umang Gupta Part-2

Umang Gupta Part-3