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Some Humor

A bit of Humor. I am writing coz i have some time, and this site has a humor section … and i don’t own a blog (yet) to backlink.

You are reading, possibly because you also have some time. Nice, but then don’t complain. Even VCs read humor section these days (yes, i have heard).

Because of extensive traveling i  don’t own a house anymore, and currently putting up with a close friend. The maid of the house was asked by my friend’s mother to start cleaning the my room (which was vacant for some time now), and which she always used to “forget”. And if reminded, used to give lousy excuses like … someone died or so_and_so in close relation getting married.

We both were quite annoyed, and suddenly Geni.com came to my mind. I asked my aunt to casually ask the maid for her entire family tree, and we sat down and added all the details to Geni. Now, whenever someone got married or died, we just used to update the tree.

The fun started couple of days back, when an old chacha(uncle) who had expired peacefully two weeks back, suddenly got excited to get married on sunday. And old aunt of age 60 gave birth to kid today. Crazy.

Moral of the story: I find it quite amazing how tools like twitter/geni are being used.

  • Ranjit Jatar

    …I hope you are giving sweat equity to your friends mother ….even close friends ( and their mothers) cannot be taken for granted ( am referring to the outsourcing of your residense). Cheers, have fun and thanks for telling us all not to take ourselves too seriously.

  • http://www.gpsurvivalkit.blogspot.com Krish

    Did you tell geni.com how you put their application to a new utility?

    They now have a new customer segment to cater to – housewives and aggrieved tenants :)

  • http://www.vijayanand.name Vijay Anand

    Well, possibly cause he doesnt have household chores to do :D

  • Hari Swaminathan

    Dude.. you really have too much time :)