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Entrepreneurs and VCs can use Innovation Engineering

Yes.Entrepreneurs and VCs can use Innovation Engineering. Entrepreneurs to understand the needs, design, implement, validate/verify and evolve/revolutionize Innovation. VCs to validate/verify and revalidate/reverify Innovation of their portfolio and future portfolio companies. More on Innovation Engineering is here:http://3innovate.net/innoengineering.htm and here http://www.facebook.com/innoengineering

  • Mauli Pandey

    “IIT Guwahati – Techniche. the annual techno-management fest:
    The deadlines for Events of Management Module in Techniche’11 have been extended. The new deadlines are

    1. Product Launch – 5th Aug
    2. BrainChild (B-Plan Event with Rs. 50 Lakh incubation) – 5th Aug
    3. Stratagem -10th Aug
    4. Blue Chips – 20th Aug, and can be registered on the spot
    5. VSM – The online stock market Simulation, can be played right now.

    For more information, visit the website

    http://www.techniche.org/techn​ iche11/competitions/management​.html

    Or the Module Managers :

    Mauli Pandey

    ******************************​ ***
    Total Prize money for the 5 events : Rs. 5 Lakhs
    Incubation Amount for B-Plan : Rs. 50 Lakhs
    ******************************​ ***
    Also do not forget to check out the mind blowing Lecture Series at Techniche.”

  • http://www.vijayanand.name Vijay Anand


    Truth be told, Investors dont invest in Engineering teams or in the technology, but in the business model that can make it viable. Dont think there is an easy way to validate that using this model.

    Lets face it, at the end of the day, every early stage deal is a leap of faith, in a landscape that is still shifting.

    You should take a look at this concept of effectual entrepreneurship that is coming up – well, its more or less abstracting what good investors and entrepreneurs do intuitively.


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  • http://3innovate.net/ Pradyot

    I have also created a LinkedIn Group, Innovation Engineering Forum for exclusive discussions on Innovation Engineering

    See you there.