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Name our favorite ecosystem initiative

Wanted to get a sense of the audience – which ecosystem initiative do you find most useful. Is it the TiE mentoring, or nasscom emerge blog? or pluggdin events? or yourstory showcase? or medianama analysis?

And what are the gaps – specific ones? What specific service would prompt you to take 2 hours out and go attend?

  • http://www.flyingstation.com Vikas Shah

    As I read recently Vivek Paul said India is yet to pick up the thread of Startups and he feels we Indians dont talk aloud our ideas.
    I firmly believe that there is enough of funding available at seed stage (IAN has lowered its bar, Nexus has announced micro investments)
    but an entrepreneur sitting in Ahmedabad is not able to find a cofounder from any part of india who is also thinking on the similar idea.
    The lack of ecosystem today is lack of entrepreneurs coming together.

    Summing up
    Nasscom emerge is for products which are almost ready.
    Medianama focus is not to much on organising events.
    Pluggd.in is on path of folding up entrepreneurs in its events.

    I think an objective website /database where people meet and than can meet offline .

    Nurture Talent Academy did some modest beginning by bringing aspiring entrepreneurs together in a meet.
    If this does not happen properly ,VC’s time will also get wasted when they are approached by individuals.
    I wanted to make site which would be a sort of search engine to find people ,product ,funds in the same domain.
    For eg if I am thinking of mobile payments ,i will register on site and the site will through results who also have registered with mobile payments as a same idea.
    Lack of monetization of this site has stopped me to go ahead.

  • http://www.ayojak.com Santosh

    Having associated with most of the following, here is in brief about each event
    UnPluggd – Startup Showcase-experience sharing-demo, in this yr they added Hackathon
    StartupWeekend – 54 hrs non-stop and it has huge fan followings
    iWeekend – Similar to SW
    YourStory.in – Various events, including Big event e-Sparks.
    Nasscom Emerge – various events, yearly Big event Product Conclave
    TiE mentoring – various events

    I think the gap is : The events needs to have 1) an assessment session by investors, 2) session to meet prospective mentors. This would mean a lot to Startup-entrepreneurs-wannabe in terms of completing the ecosystem.

    Disclosure : I run http://www.ayojak.com and we serve all of above except nasscom & TiE.

  • http://www.schooladmissions.in Raj

    Dear Alok,

    With you permission, I would like to add the Startup Leadership Program to the list above as I am one of the SLP Fellow with the Delhi Chapter for 2011-12 and it has been really helpful and a wonderful experience till now.

    It is here last week that I had the opportunity to get in person view regarding the start-up ecosystem in India and funding etc from you directly and that really helped in getting a grasp on the things all entrepreneurs in India should know.

    I would anyday take out the full day to attend a SLP event and look forward to have you there at one of the future sessions too.

    All the other platforms mentioned by you above are also doing a great job of helping the startup scene in India and I regularly follow them too.

    Raj Arora

  • Venky

    Startup Saturday : startupsaturday.in

  • rajesh

    I will take my 8 hours of life to attend UnPluggd event (and Pluggd.in site, which I visit everyday).
    The UnPluggd event brings the focus on content – amazing stuff, if you look at the lack of content on most of the other events you mentioned (do people even recall what others spoke at nasscom or other event?), you will appreciate pluggdin events.

    As far as analysis is concerned, medianama is doing a good job.

    others – i am just not sure of. I mean, its ‘not there’.

  • http://uptosomething.in Ankur

    You can also include events like startupweekend.