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Use the comments section on this page to post any buzz you have heard – might be a rumor, might be a gossip, might be just some juice! Is that hot startup on its way down? Or is it getting bought? Did they announce a deal that never existed? Share something here that news doesnt know! We will try and keep this as free as we can, except wont allow personally disparaging remarks.

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  • http://cooljunk.in Gurpawan Mand


    CoolJunk is hiring Passionate Electronics Engineers!

    CoolJunk is bringing DIY Revolution in India. CJ develops DIY (do-it-yourself) Kits and Hardware models for
    practical education in Electronics, Technology and Science. Currently, more than 1000 students from 17 Schools of Delhi
    are using company’s flagship product, World of Electrons, to learn hands-on electronics.

    CJ in News:
    Wall Street Journal: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304259304576376923630741328.html#articleTabs_comments

    Opportunity: R & D, Electronics Engineer
    Position: Full time based out of Delhi
    Official Compensation: Competitive Salary + Stock Options
    Non-Official: Fun in Office + Beer/Soft Drinks(Often Free) + Company Summer Tour + Treats + Movies

    If you are interested to apply for the position, please find the details here
    Join us to make a difference!!!

    Please spread the word and float this email in IISC Community.

    Warm Regards
    Founder, CEO
    Gurpawan (GP)

  • Aditya Agarwal


    I need VC to start a new business idea for product name baby diaper the company will sell product on sub contract basis.

    I am basically from India my family is in business field from ages doing various woven fabric domestic and exporting and has a wide network of sales and i am into business from 6 years as the market in India i am looking into marketing and production which is realy high in reach in network and has good and sound background on non woven industry.

    Amount required : 30,00,00,000 indian Rupees.
    Country : India / Gujarat.

    If you are looking for any up front charges and any processing charges then please ignore this mail i understand the expenses occurs during process of loan and also understand this are hard earn money of yours…

    Upfront charger/ prepossess charger will be ignored and agents please ask for any commission only after investor starts working.

    Please understand this is very good business in India and investor / bank ready to take high risk for higher returns only contact me as the investment by investor/ bank is 100%.

    Return on investment 1 years.
    Return to investor 2 years 40% stake equity.


  • http://bit.ly/mOPpqp Shared Office Space in Sec 2 Noida

    Shared office space available in Noida Sector 2 near metro only for startups. Details here: http://bit.ly/mOPpqp

  • http://www.saffronlabs.in Deepak

    We are a startup in Bangalore, focusing on the ASIC & Embedded software space. We have taken up office space recently and have some excess capacity to share with interested companies.

    About 8-10 cubicles available.
    Brand new & modern setup with AC & UPS backup.
    Meeting room

    Ideal location just off Bannerghatta road towards Jayanagar.

    Interested parties could ping me @ 9886073159/deepak.nair@saffronlabs.in

  • http://www.fetise.com Fetise.com

    We are Fetise.com – India’s first exclusive fashion sales club for Men – we are backed by a team which has built and exited internet business in the past including http://www.DealsAndYou.com. We have launched 4 weeks back and already clocking 100 transactions daily. Being seed funded we are bootstrapped and growing by 100% week on week

    Looking for an IIT+MBA profile CTO talent – som1 entrepreneurial and with atleast 5 yrs of hands exp in consumer web technology specially php and server administration

    Will get an equity stake in the venture – we are based out of Mumbai

    mail us at careers@fetise.com to connect if you think you have it in you to take this critical mandate

  • http://seedabook.com Shalvi Singh

    SeedaBook: Crowdfunding in Book Publishing

    “Everyone funding their favorite writers” – SeedaBook’s new community publishing model is launched

    15th of April 2011 – India – SeedaBook today launched its one long-awaited core business model, a community funding model. Under this model SeedaBook will ask fans to pool fund by buying shares that gets invested in the publishing of promising books. Fans who are readers will rate the writings of the available manuscript and finally buy stocks of these books.

    SeedaBook is fixing the inefficiencies of traditional and self publishing with a global social network and crowdfunding. The service includes the tools needed for supporting a book(and the writer) from the ground up, to getting it published. It introduces writerss to fans, experts and other literature enthusiasts, helping them discover common interests and providing new transparent ways of feedback and funding.

    The community-fund feature includes a fans leaderboard based on the merit of the readers activities. The most active fans will be rewarded by default stocks of under-publishing books. Apart from that the readers can buy stocks as per their interest and wisdom. They will be financially rewarded when the book begins earning return on investment (ROI) through sales not to mention that they will get a name-embedded hardcopy of the book as well. All decisions are completely transparent so SeedaBook members can always view how successful past and ongoing investments are.

    SeedaBook cofounder and CEO said: “Our model gets writers acquainted with the entire investment and publishing process and we are the first to offer this type of peer-to-peer crowdfunding. For our service to have a sustainable future, the cost structure must be kept low and our own interests must clearly align with our members’ interests – so that our success is dependent on the success of other writers, readers and experts in our community.”

    SeedaBook cofounder and chairman said: “Early phase funding of books requires new solutions. Publishers are moving their focus to more mature writers, and they are decreasing investments in new writers. Writers want to have more competition and transparency in the publishing market, and business angels require better tools to find good startups and for easier dealmaking. This new model opens totally new opportunities in publishing, and it also offers practical help like transparent term sheets and investment agreements.”

    More about the fan funding model

    The model encourages writers to start looking at other writers from an investors’(fan) point of view, helping them to improve their own profile and communication. Through their funding process in SeedaBook, startups can also build a global, multilingual and geographically distributed network of industry peers and fans of SeedaBook members, motivated to support their work of art.

    For early stage investors, or “funders”, the information that the community decisions provide about noteworthy startups brings a level of transparency not seen before in investing in tech, web and mobile startups.

    The patent-pending community fund model is the original core innovation in SeedaBook’s arsenal of unique funding models and the reason behind SeedaBook’s inception. In 2009 the company was also the first to announce a global service-investment model, whereby service providers in the industry can invest in companies using work resources as “sweat equity,” in addition to money.

    Everything is free, transparent and community based at SeedaBook. Joining SeedaBook, and the basic features such as building a person profile(as a writer or reader),are free.Writers upload a book and we showcase it. The countdown to grab its 2000 Premium stocks starts immediately. All this and the promotion of his book is free too. We also have managed funds where readers invest on monthly basis. This fund is managed by the best litterateurs of the subject and the success(proceeds of sales) will get distributed in a transparent way. We also have a “Demand it” wing. Fans can demand a book in the demand section and pledge to fund it. The moment the sum required is generated the writers team is selected again based on participatory voting of the shareholders. The chosen writer is signed under contract to complete it.

    Following its first five months in public beta, SeedaBook’s community just reached 700 registered users from within the startup and investment communities.

    About SeedaBook

    SeedaBook is Publisher 2.0, bringing the first truly transparent, international, community-based approach to publishing. SeedaBook can help new, talented writer stars secure initial funding for their book. SeedaBook will not only connect writers with ‘fans’ (investors) to help them discover their common interests, but also provide tools for the process and new transparent ways of getting expert views. SeedaBook international headquarters is located in India.

    Press material:


    Press contact:

    Head of Communications



    Twitter: @SeedaBook

    Facebook:@SeedaBook LLP

  • http://www.gowdanar.com Ashish Chandak

    We are a CSR company proving FREE mainframes/Java training to Rurual engineers.
    We have a tie up with bigh MNCs like HSBC, CG, SearsIT.

    We also have an ERP solution for SMEs, it is free for them, No Capital cost, No Annual Maintainence charges.


  • http://www.titip.com VIMAL

    Hi All,

    I used to read this forum daily, when i was living with my dream of building an Online gaming website, which gifts its top 3 scorer every week.

    Now my dream has come true and recenlty launched my website http://www.titip.com

    Three successful weeks were over and issued gifts to 9 top 3 scorer till now. The grow of the website is more than what we expected for this time frame. Currenlty we are working on some advance features and complete website layout change to make it more professional and advanced to competite with our player in the market.

    To take it to the next level, i am in require of some finance help, if anybody interested.

    Start playing now and win exciting gifts every week only @ http://www.titip.com

    Thank You,
    Titip Entertainment LLP, India

  • http://www.merar.com Merar, the Emerging Markets Investment Network

    Merar, the Emerging Markets Investment Network accepts new members and investment projects from all regions of India.

    Indian entrepreneurs had already published above 60 projects from all economy segments on Merar (https://www.merar.com/investors/browse-projects/?country=India)

    The service provides great value to its members and is free for the time being.

  • satish kataria

    Indian Angel Network announces India’s largest and first-ever multi-city start-up bootcamp.

    This event would give an opportunity to both budding as well as established entrepreneurs to gain access to IAN angel members as well as certain power-packed panel discussions on various fund-raising challenges.

    Further, to inspire entrepreneurism beyond the niche social circles – the event would also involve certain innovative formats such as an element of mass online voting to help selecting the short-list of winning start-ups and ideas. It would also host ‘Ideas Marketplace’ at every centre : wherein selected ideas would be given an opportunity to convince the participants of their ideas in 3 minutes and gain ‘proxy investments’ from them. The winning ideas would then also be given an opportunity to get incubated by IAN Incubator.

    You are requested to please login on http://www.boot-camp.in for further details or send a mail to us info@boot-camp.in for any further details.

    The submissions open from March 2, 2011 and will close on different dates at various centres. Kindly check the site for more information.

    You may also follow us on facebook and twitter @SBVentures.

  • http://delhi.startupweekend.org Pankaj Jain

    Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skillsets – primarily software developers, graphics designers and business people – to build applications and develop a commercial case around them.

    Startup Weekend is coming to India for the first time starting in Delhi from 4th to 6th March at the American Center. Entrepreneurs, developers, designers, hackers, pr/marketing/biz dev people are invited to come pitch their ideas and go from ideation to prototype in a weekend and pitch to investors on Sunday evening.

    Check out http://delhi.startupweekend.org and http://bangalore.startupweekend.org for more details!

    Discounted Registration is only Rs. 2,000 and discount codes are available through our partners.

    Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • http://www.weather-risk.com Sonu Agrawal

    Entrepreneurs and Yatris interested in Climate Trading/Finance and
    starting from scratch!

    Spend 3 days [Feb 17 - 19] at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi
    attending a cutting edge residential certification program in
    Environmental Finance, Clean Development and Climate/Carbon Trading
    and Finance organised and delivered by leading experts from Multi
    Commodity Exchange (MCX), TERI, IIT Kanpur, WRL and FT Knowledge
    Management. Earn a leading Industry Certificate in this area. Get
    equipped. Start a venture.

    Environmental Risk Management has assumed importance in the present
    scenario of looming climate change risk and its adverse long-term
    repercussion. Global concern on energy efficiency and environmental
    management has given rise to new financial instruments in the form of
    carbon credits and energy and weather derivatives. This Programme
    equips you on the latest developments in carbon trading and the
    weather/clean development market.

    - How can a energy project utilize carbon credits to finance green
    - Which are the most remunerative green projects?
    - What are the costs and How can these be financed?
    - Hedging/Insuring resource risk such as minimum sunshine hours or
    wind velocity through weather/climate derivatives/insurance
    - Links with financiers, technology providers and experts.
    - Operational Kit to start work immediately once the project manager
    returns to his/her base.

    sonu.agrawal@weather-risk.com with CODE:VW in the subject line for special discounts for VW readers.

  • http://debayan.wordpress.com Debayan Banerjee

    The students of NIT Durgapur, India have come up with an interesting concept. The GNU/Linux Users’ Group there has been running an online judge for programming contests name “CodeCracker” for sometime now. Having enjoyed a substantial amount of success in the number of participants over the years they decided to start looking for sponsors for the event. Nothing special there.

    What is different though is that they want to bring start-ups and potential employees face-2-face. It is very difficult to find good people for start-ups and this might be a way to solve that problem. Go ahead and read the details on the CodeCracker sponsors’ page. They will be happy with any small amount for sponsorship.

    Link: http://codecracker.in/sponsor.php

  • http://www.cooljunk.in Gurpawan Mand

    About us: CoolJunk is a DIY Kits maker and supplier company. We also host didactic practical training in physics and electronics for school students on our kits. We currently have presence in 8 schools covering more than 300 students and sold over 350 Kits (made decent revenues).

    Website: http://www.cooljunk.in
    Blog: blog.cooljunk.in
    Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/worldofelectrons/

    Intent: CoolJunk is looking to raise an angel investment of Rs. 25,00,000-30,00,000. We are looking forward to expand the team, reach more schools and improve the product.

    As an investor, if you have interest in Education Sector, please contact us asap at info@cooljunk.in.

  • http://www.cooljunk.in Gurpawan Mand

    About us: CoolJunk is a DIY Kits maker and supplier company. We also host didactic practical training in physics and electronics for school students on our kits. We currently have presence in 8 schools covering more than 300 students and sold over 350 Kits (made decent revenues).

    Website: http://www.cooljunk.in
    Blog: blog.cooljunk.in
    Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/worldofelectrons/

    Intent: CoolJunk is looking to raise an angel investment of Rs. 250,000-300,000. We are looking forward to expand the team, reach more schools and improve the product.

    As an investor, if you have interest in Education Sector, please contact us asap at info@cooljunk.in.

  • Naiyer Jawaid

    Will anyone be interested in non-profit, political web 2.0 startup? Email me. Something like http://www.netagiri.com/ (This domain is not owned by me)

  • http://www.flatsonrent.com Ritu

    Flats on Rent is a portal dedicated to address the needs of corporate employees and professionals with respect to rental properties. The aim is to facilitate direct interactions between flat owners and flat onlookers and eliminate property agents from the transactions.

    The website is first of its kind and is in a niche of its own. Currently, the services are available at no cost. across 7 metros viz Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

    Members can post/ search properties and can also post requirements to receive updates on properties matching their needs.

  • http://www.uradginny.com Ajietpal siingh

    HI Itake this oportunity to introduce a startup (pre – revenue stage) UrAdGinny Incorporation.
    Uradginny Incorporation is to keep developing creative and innovative products and solutions so as to change the way things have worked till now, while ensuring enhanced and improved user experience.
    We currently have three innovative websites.

    1. http://www.funbyu.com ——– a social network that pays its members. “Get Paid for Social Networking”. Why shouldn’t the members get paid ?

    2. http://www.bestebazaar.com —– a unique online sales portal where sellers get more than their selling price while buyers pay less than the selling price to purchase. Thus a win – win proposition for sellers and buyers both. Sellers earn more profit from their sales while buyers get products at lower price. Why shouldn’t the sellers get more profit selling online, sellers are subject to so many charges on online websites, how will they get more profit from their sale while buyers getting products at a lower price.

    3. http://www.uradginny.com —— http://www.uradginny.com a unique online advertising network – its a social ad network committed to improve the return on Impressions for publishers. It provides opportunity for publishers to browse for advertisers directory to promote their ad space, We also achieve more Return On their Impressions for advertisers by offering backfill ads of other ad networks too.
    If a publisher has 1 million impressions per month, then the publisher should sell 100% of these impressions to advertisers. Why shouldn’t the publishers get to access the statistics of advertiser’s spending in an ad network. This will help publisher to promote their ad space to the advertisers for better Return on Impressions.

    We are welcoming opportunites for investment to take the company to the next level.
    We can be contacted on uradginny@gmail.com.


  • http://www.urbanZing.com urbanZing

    Hi There

    http://www.urbanZing.com, currently only launched ion Kolkata, is a completely free website for the SOCIAL YOUTH, where you can find and review Restaurants, Night Clubs, Pubs, Fitness Centers, Salons, Movie Theaters and many more… UrbanZing.com also provides additional features to help you stay connected and to better manage your social life. At UrbanZing.com you can plan a party and invite your friends to a restaurant, club, bar, your own home or you can even plan a girls day out at a spa.

    Do check us out.
    -Team urbanZing

  • Pradyot

    Winner of the NASSCOM Ecosystem Evangelist Award

    –>> Vijay Anand, the Startup Guy

    More here:-

  • http://www.biznus.tv Biznus TV

    I wanted to let everyone in this forum about a wonderful service that lets you view all the Business and Startup related videos at one place. There are several thousand videos and also videos from past events, conferences, seminars etc are available too…
    Hope everyone finds this service useful..check it out


  • http://www.filmitadka.in FilmiTadka

    Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs / Enthusiasts

    I would like to introduce a startup to the group, FilmiTadka an online Film Magazine.

    The portal run by professionals managed to attract more than five thousand facebook fans with in a month. Also a couple of months into existence website is already rubbing shoulders with biggies like Times of India and NDTV and is catering to around 25 thousand unique visitors everyday.

    Looking forward for advice and love from all the fellow members.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Sandeep Sharma

    We are setting up a Economy Model of Radio Taxi service.Looking for VC Of Rs.5-10 Crores

  • http://www.mobikwik.com #Payment #Gateway #India #fail

    Severe payment gateway issues are killing eCommerce in India – oldest PG ccavenue down for 4th time this week during peak hours for more than 2-3 hours! All unscheduled.

    EBS has bandwidth issues so half their merchants are effected. Even Citibank payment gateway is having problems since morning.

    The state of affairs is disgusting and I’m sure is causing massive losses to all Indian ecommerce players!

    @MobiKwik #CCAvenue down check. #EBS bandwidth issues check. #Payment #Gateway #India #fail

  • T Jain

    Hi All,
    I’ve just launched an Audio Guide to Qutab Minar which can be downloaded on the IPhone. The app is available on the itunes store for free for a limited time (soon to become $1.99).
    You can check out our website on http://www.sunoguides.com
    or download the app at
    Would love to hear what you think about this app. Please send me comments/feedback at tushjain@gmail.com

  • http://www.liba.edu/espire Monica

    Dear Sir/ma’m,

    I am student of Loyola Institute of Business Administration(LIBA) Chennai.We are conducting a PanIndia Business Plan Competition along with Entrepreneurship Development Institute(EDI) and
    The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Chennai. Could you help us by posting about the event? The event is happening on Nov 24. But we have deadlines for submission of executive summaries and business plans. Kindly help us. Your site seems to be very good with respect to the content you publish and its reach

  • http://www.vijayanand.name Vijay Anand

    Atlantis Computing, founded in Blr – Now in the Valley, Raises 10$mn from Cisco. Pretty low valuation for Third round. http://is.gd/eEfuG